Cetane Ignition Delay

Precise derived cetane number determination in diesel fuel oils

OptiFlash Pensky Matens

Determine flash point of petroleum products with the Pensky Martens method

OptiFlash Tag & Abel

Flash point analysis using the Tag and Abel methods

Optiflash Cleveland Open Cup

 Determine flash points with the Cleveland Open Cup method

OptiFlash Small Scale

Accurate Flash Point Determination for Low Volume Samples


The benchmark in atmospheric distillation

Vapor Pressure Analyzer

Accurate determination of vapor pressure of both automotive and aviation gasoline, turbine fuels, other light distillate petroleum products, hydrocarbon solvents and chemical compounds.

Ubbelohde Viscometer Automated Ubbelohde Viscometer
Herzog Viscometer HVM 472

Determines direct kinematic viscosity of transparent and opaque liquids fully automated

Vacuum Distillation

Compact and fully automated distillation testing

HDA 620

Compact and simple distillation apparatus

HRB 754

Determine the softening point of bitumen, tar, pitch, tall oil rosins, and polymeric resins

Manual flash point analyzers

Budget-friendly manual flash point analyzers

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