Phase Technology

Phase Technology作为冷流性能测试行业的杰出领导者,在业内享有盛誉,这得益于其不断推出的创新产品,以及在产品质量、设计和性能方面的持续改进。

Phase Technology DFA-70Xi

Four diesel fuel tests in one single unit, in less than 25 minutes

Phase JFA 70Xi

Measure freeze point, viscosity and density in jet fuel with Phases's JFA-70Xi in less than 15 minutes

Phase Technology 70Xi Autosampler

Phase Technology’s 70Xi analyzes pour, cloud and freeze point, all in one unit

Phase WAT 70Xi

Measure Wax Appearance Test (WAT) and Wax Disappearance Test (WDT) with the WAT-70Xi


Small, portable package that makes it the most affordable cloud point analyzer for diesel and biodiesel fuels

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